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VR-500 details

The technology used in our virtual assistance system takes advantage of the latest advances in the field of artificial vision.
Thanks to this technological evolution we can interact between digital files, which only your monitor sees, and the real world, which we can touch.

This interaction transforms a tedious manual process, which required many man-hours and high concentration, into a virtual tour that greatly simplifies the operator's task, saving time and production.

The VR-500 radically changes the gumming process, allowing non-specialized personnel to carry out this task without any prior preparation, because your staff will be visually guided through the entire process, step by step.

Totally intuitive... fast and simple... This is the VR-500.
This came ... to assist and effectively transform your production !!!


We solve your current needs


We know that the gumming area of a die company requires a lot of staff to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Is certainly also the area where less technology has emerged to solve the staffing problem and improve production speed.

To solve these important problems, you now have at your disposal the technology of the virtual gumming assistance system VR-500.

Thanks to the advanced technological assistance that our machine will provide, you can reduce the personnel assigned to gumming task while increasing your production.

* Companies that currently use our system have reduced the staff assigned to the gumming area to less than half. They increased their production and improved the company's wealth protocol by reducing staff working in the same sector. *

We adapt to the new era


We are aware of the concern of all companies with the new pandemic that prevents them from buying and installing machinery as usual.

For this reason, we have developed an Easy Installation Kit without the need for a specialized technician to visit your company to do so.

We have redesigned the VR-500's structure and simplify its installation so you can do it yourself quickly, easily and intuitively.

Simply receive your shipment, unpack our new system, and start assembling it in a simple and easy way, in a few steps, so that in a few minutes you are enjoying all its incredible benefits.

We adapt to the new times so that your company wins in production and significantly improves its distance protocols.
VR-500... to effectively assist and transform their production!!!

Some customers of VR-500

VR-500 in Action

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