Virtual Rubber
the amazing VR-500
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Innovative technology
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An evolutionary leap
VR-500 will change its times
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Details of the VR-500

The technology used in our virtual assistance system takes advantage of the latest advances in the field of artificial vision.
Thanks to this technological evolution we can interact between the digital files, which only your monitor sees, and the real world, which we can touch.

This interaction transforms a tedious manual process, which took many hours/man and high concentration, into a virtual tour that greatly simplifies the task of the operator, saving time and production.

The VR-500 radically changes the rubbering process, allowing non-specialized personnel to perform this task without any prior preparation, because they will be visually guided throughout the process, step by step.

Totally intuitive... fast and simple... That's the VR-500.
Came... to assist and effectively transform its production!!!